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Choosing the right event platform is a complex task. Many possible event types and features lead not only to complex pricing options, but make a comprehensible overview difficult. Reviews and ratings don't help much when it is unclear what exactly is rated or reviewed. Eventplatforms.com lists all available event platforms and features, event types or industries they are suitable for, so that you can see which event platforms are suitable for your requirements.
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Virtual, hybrid or in-person events?

Whether you are planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, you can find the right platform here.

Virtual Event Platforms Hybrid Event Platforms In-Person Event Solutions

virtual event platforms

Virtual Event Platforms

Virtual events are entirely online, allowing attendees to participate remotely from any location with internet access. These solutions boast advanced features such as live streaming, virtual booths, and networking capabilities, ensuring an engaging experience for your attendees, no matter where they are located.

hybrid event platforms

Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid events combine both virtual and in-person elements, providing options for attendees to participate either online or physically. These innovative solutions seamlessly integrate physical and virtual components, enabling you to reach a wider audience while preserving valuable face-to-face interactions. Enjoy features like live streaming sessions and virtual exhibitor showcases for a unified event experience.

in-person event platforms

In-Person Event Solutions

In-person events are traditional gatherings that take place at physical venues, bringing attendees together in a shared space. Manage your event efficiently with features such as registration systems, attendee tracking, and on-site engagement tools. Elevate your gathering with interactive displays, digital signage, and mobile apps to create a memorable and seamless experience.

Filter Categories

Currently you can filter event platforms according to the features they offer or the event types they are suited for. The following overview describes the categories.

Features Event Types


Avatar-based: Avatar-based event platforms offer immersive virtual experiences where participants are represented by avatars in a digital environment.

Badge Printing: Allows the creation and printing of personalized identification badges for event attendees, enhancing recognition and facilitating networking opportunities.

Community Management: Tools and features designed to facilitate interaction, engagement, and communication among event participants, fostering a sense of community.

Event App: A dedicated mobile application providing event-related information such as schedules, speaker details, maps, and updates, enhancing attendee experience and accessibility.

Event Promotion: Strategies and tools employed to advertise and publicize the event, maximizing outreach and attracting a larger audience.

Landing Pages: Customizable web pages specifically designed to provide information about the event, often used for promotional purposes or to capture attendee interest.

Lead Capture: Mechanisms used to gather and store valuable information about event attendees, such as contact details or preferences, for follow-up and future engagement.

Live Streaming: Real-time broadcasting of event activities, sessions, or presentations over the internet, allowing remote attendees to participate in the event virtually.

Networking: Opportunities and tools provided to facilitate connections and interactions among event participants, enabling meaningful professional or social engagement.

Registration: Process through which individuals sign up or enroll to attend the event, often involving providing necessary details for participation.

Ticketing: System or tools used for the sale, distribution, and management of tickets or passes for entry to the event.

Virtual Booths: Online spaces or platforms that simulate physical exhibition booths, allowing exhibitors to showcase products/services and engage with attendees in a virtual environment.

Virtual Reality: Technology that creates immersive, computer-generated environments, providing participants with an interactive and lifelike experience within the event space.

Event Types

Career Fair: An event primarily focused on connecting job seekers with potential employers, featuring booths or areas for companies to showcase job opportunities and engage with candidates.

Conference: A large-scale event typically featuring keynote speakers, panels, and sessions covering various topics or industries, aimed at educating and networking among professionals.

Customer Training: Sessions or workshops designed to educate and train customers on how to effectively use a product or service, enhancing their user experience and understanding.

Meetings: Meetings bring together individuals or groups to discuss, plan, make decisions, exchange information, collaborate, or address specific issues or topics.

Product Demo: Sessions or presentations showcasing the features, benefits, and functionalities of a product, allowing attendees to experience it firsthand.

Trade Fair: An exhibition where companies from a specific industry or sector showcase their products, services, and innovations, fostering networking and business opportunities among participants.

Webinar: An online seminar or presentation conducted over the internet, allowing participants to attend remotely and interact with speakers, often focused on educational or informational content.

Workshop: Hands-on sessions or interactive classes focused on skill development, problem-solving, or specific learning objectives, providing practical knowledge and experiences to attendees.